Billie and Her Wins

I, like many of us, watched the Grammys last night.  There were some fabulous performances.  Usher did Prince proud.  Demi Lovato stood strong and was amazing!  Billie Eilish sang with her heart and soul.  And she won!  She won 5 awards!  Youngest to ever do it.  And when I look at why she won, at least my opinion as to why, it’s because of this.  She spoke to the youth and the world with her words.  Her words transcended beyond just melodies, choruses in a way that speaks to the ways of the world today.  Her message is what came through and has captured the attention of the listeners and what has drawn people to her.  Her message is not light and fluffy, not that there’s anything wrong with light and fluffy.  Music, as a whole, is an emotion in itself.  Music can help lighten the mood and lift you up.  Music can speak to your soul and your emotional being.  There is a saying – Sometimes you need the music and sometimes you need the lyrics.  Billie’s music definitely speaks to this especially to the youth of today.

I have a teenage daughter, as I have said before.  She brought Billie into my world.  She would tell me how much Billie’s music helped her.  You see, my daughter suffers from depression.  And it’s not easy.  Billie has gotten her through some real hard lows.  Billie has been her friend who gets her.  I am thankful to Billie every day for helping her cope. Helping her deal.  Helping her see that there is always tomorrow.  Helping her see that she’s not alone in the way she feels.

And this is why it touched me so much that Billie won like she did.  My daughter is representative of the larger youth population of today.  And Billie has spoken to them like no other.  Billie has been their friend.  Billie has been their light in the darkness.  Billie has also shed a light on the epidemic that is youth and depression.  It is an epidemic.  Kids are pushed harder today than ever.  Between education and social media, they have stresses that we have never seen before.  I always say how thankful I am that we didn’t have social media growing up.  We had downtime.  We could go home from school and unwind.  We didn’t have to answer the phone and that would be the end of it.  Today, there’s no turning off.  There is no unwinding.  Constantly connected.  And this has a direct correlation on the rise of depression.  Billie’s music has allowed the kids of today (and some adults too) to just be themselves without pretense.  It has allowed them to disconnect, do a little introspective thinking and see some of their problems as, in the words of Billie, “It’s not that deep”.  What they wear, how they do their hair, how they choose to express themselves.  It’s ok to be themselves.

It’s a rough world out there for our kids.  Billie has helped them see that they can take a different path than what they think the popular kids have set forth and they can be more than ok.  They can flourish.  They don’t have to follow to fit in.  They can lead by example.  They can be individuals, not some cookie cutter output.  Each one of them have something amazing to bring to this world.  And Billie, even if it’s just during that few minutes of connecting with her through one of her songs, has proven this.  Thank you, Billie.

If you or a loved one is contemplating suicide, please reach out to someone.  The number below is for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.  They are there to help.  To listen.  You don’t even have to tell them your name.  But know that you are worth being here.  And we all want you to stay.

In the words of Billie, “Please, take care of yourself, and be good to yourself and be nice to yourself. Don’t take that extra step and hurt yourself further. You can’t take it back.” (via Yahoo)

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