Who Are You?

Such a simple question but soooo loaded with complexity at the same time. Who are you? Well, I’ll start.

I’m Erica. A mom of 1 teenage daughter. Wow…. That was my first thought to write. Being a mom. And I enjoy (almost) every minute of being a mom but there is more to me than being a mom. In two short years, I’ll be an empty nester. And ‘being a mom’ won’t fill that nest anymore.

This is a question I have been struggling with lately. I have had times in my life when I have had to redefine myself. When I got pregnant with my daughter. When I got married. (Yep, it was in that order). When I left my marriage. And now where I am now. It seems that I am at the intersection of multiple life changes all at once. Almost empty nester. Career change. Single and maybe ready to mingle. I’m a creature of structure. I thrive on it. Or maybe it just made life a bit easier because I didn’t need to do it myself. It was already in place. Now, any structure I have is self-created. Even getting B to school (distance learning) has to be created. Pretty daunting. But also a bit freeing.

Seeing this blank canvas is kind of thrilling. So I go back to the question Who Are You? Who Am I? What do I want to put on this blank canvas? I have always had a need to help people. How can I incorporate this into my life in a meaningful way? I think this is where I begin. And really, it was the driving force behind Brave Girl Blogging. I know there are others out there who are in somewhat of a similar situation. And if I can help one person with what I post here on BGB then it will be worth it.

So you will see more posting here. Of all different subjects. BGB will be expanding into more than just my mind dumps. And I will figure out the question of Who Are You along the way.

Talk soon!


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