About Brave Girl Blogging

Who is Brave Girl Blogging?

That’s sort of a loaded question.  Well, I’m 46 years old (shhh, don’t tell anyone!).  Divorced (although that is a REALLY GOOD THING).  15 year old daughter who is now just entering the stage of finding her independence as well as all of the wonderful teenager traits.  IT professional branching out into consulting.  I work from home now so I am home ALL OF THE TIME.  Just me, the two dogs and the two cats (and my daughter’s two lizards and four guinea pigs but we aren’t really on speaking terms).

I really wanted to start writing again.  I love having the outlet.  Once upon a time during the married years, I had started a blog to give myself an outlet.  Long story short, marriage was awful, I was isolated and had no outlet.  Found out that writing gave me that outlet.  Until he found it and that was that.  I didn’t write again until, well, really now.  I took a few stabs at it before but felt my insecurities creeping up and well, we know what that led to.  Nada.  But today, something is different.  So here I am.

What really made me start writing again was this – change and chance.  I can either live the same day over and over and over ad nauseum or I could make a change and take a chance.  One change.  One chance.  And for me, writing is it.  It helps not only empty out this insane asylum that is my mind but it is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time.  It’s time for change.  It’s time for my time.  I can either waste each day and live the same boring day over and over like a lesser and more boring version of Groundhog Day or I can make each day count in some way and make ME happy.  So here I am!